Bioluminescent Portals is an installation commissioned by the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs Art in Public Places Program, for the Related Group's building Gallery on the River in Miami, Florida. Embedded within the building's architecture, it explores light, depth, and the inherent tension between organic and built environments.

This work was inspired by my observations of bioluminescent algae in the ocean, below, and the Milky Way galaxy, above. Circular forms reference visions of saltwater viewed through a microscope, mysterious planets, and the metaphysical connection between earthly and celestial phenomena. The work includes layered prints of my paintings, digitally altered photos from the internet, and LED lights that recede behind the wall.

Bioluminescent Portals invites the viewer to find a connection to the natural environment and ultimately see themselves as part of the universe, and ponder their space within.

The facility also includes projects from artists Anastasia Samoylova, Franky Cruz, and Luis Gispert.