“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses
to grow sharper.”

-W.B. Yeats

My work explores entangled perceptual worlds through the matrix of print media. I begin my process by observing natural phenomena—algae coalescing with ice, moss marking the bark of a tree. I document my observations in paintings and photographs, which I then alter through digital and physical processes. My installations merge the resulting works with found objects and existing architecture, thereby altering the preexisting space. Mining the tension between organic materials and digital processes, the work imagines artifacts from a world in which the natural and artificial are inextricably linked.

Referencing aerial landscapes, alchemical collisions, and micrographs, the work articulates a hallucinatory world of unknown time and space. Its geologic and geometric underpinnings become both scientific and metaphysical symbols of crystalline fracture, energetic waves, and the terrain of the mind.

My research takes the form of collaborations and private investigations. I recently worked with a neuroscientist to study social coordination through mirrored drawing. I spent six days in complete darkness, exploring Buckminster Fuller’s concept of synergetics (the geometry of patterns of energy found in nature). I read Calvino, Murakami, and dystopian science fiction. I walk in the woods.

With a Surrealist vocabulary and dream-like logic, the work investigates the thin boundary between documentation, memory, and imagination.